In general, people refer to me as a nice girl.

I’m the one who lets everyone else speak first. Who’s genuinly happy for others’ success. Who generously offers a compliment or two to family, friends and strangers alike.

So here’s my secret:

For the longest time, I was a bully.

Here’s to mindblowing customer experiences in 2020!

I have high hopes for them, since 2019 seemed to have something in the water that made my customer experiences taste sour.

A little over a year ago, I bought an apartment. It’s newly built, which, after a series of similar horror stories…

Peachy-keen. That’s what the world around me looks like each time I scroll through my Facebook or Instagram feed. Wide smiles on the Great Wall of China, sensual kisses in the Big Apple, perfect sunsets in the middle of nowhere.

Here’s the real deal — I recently changed my Facebook…

When it comes to travelling, I’ve never had to think twice about where to go. For some reason, the destination always finds me first. One late, rainy evening last spring, I was stuck in a traffic jam, randomly staring at the license plate of the car in front of me…

Imagine one of your colleagues suddenly got up and said, I’m going outside to get some fresh air and clear my head.

Would you frown? Raise an eyebrow? Wonder what could be wrong?

In this fast paced, high pressure world, we seem to live by the unwritten rule me-time during…

Anne-Fleur Kamst

Word stylist @, marcommer at heart. Dreaming of a wall filled with postcards and a closet full of self-made stuff. Always writing (and dreaming).

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